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Our programs are designed for Indigenous Australians

Worldview Foundation was founded in 2018 with a mission to overcome intergenerational disadvantage for First Nations people through holistic life and employment programs.

We believe that by understanding, respecting and integrating multiple worldviews we make better decisions and have greater success in creating social outcomes.

To achieve our goals we draw from every area of society, particularly from Elders and experts in the Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander community.  We respect all worldviews in designing and implementing ways to help each other reach our full potential.

Our programs provide life skills, address health issues, improve finances, build positive relationships, generate real jobs and develop career paths in our social enterprises.

Worldview Foundation began by working with Indigenous ex-detainees and assisting with their integration and employment. We now have a focus on working with at-risk Indigenous youth while also continuing to work with those in contact with the justice system.

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Our programs are designed for Indigenous Australians


People supported through Worldview Foundation programs

7 to 1

Social Impact Ratio

$25 MIL

In social impact returned to the Australian Economy

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Worldview Foundation creates brighter futures for Indigenous Australians through community-led and culturally sensitive solutions to break down employment barriers.

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