Published ON 31 May 2024

Ngarami’s Story

Ngarami was adopted at 4 years old but by the age of 10, he was sniffing solvents and by 12 he was addicted to Ice and stealing vehicles in Darwin. He soon found himself in Dondale Detention Centre. He was court ordered to move to Canberra at 15 whereby he continued to participate in criminal activity – theft and violence. At the age of 17 he was facing charges for a serious assault and was introduced to Worldview Foundation through his brother. Soon after starting the program, it was clear that he wanted to make changes but just needed the right support. He found himself inspired by one of our lived experience mentors who assisted him get a job at WV Technologies and supported him every day to live a better life free of drugs and crime.

Worldview advocated for him at Court and demonstrated several changes he had made that far exceeded the judges’ expectations.

Ngarami got a fresh start with our support and, after graduating from the program got a full-time job in landscape gardening. Two years later he rejoined us as a trainee mentor and uses his lived experience to be a voice for those who are facing similar challenges to his. Importantly, he is expecting a baby soon and we are confident that he has the resilience and social and emotional skills to reverse what could have been an inter-generational pattern of disadvantage, drug use and crime.