Published ON 31 May 2024

Kurt’s inspiring journey: A force for positive change in Australia

Kurt Gruber, co-founder of WV Technologies and Worldview Foundation, has made remarkable strides in empowering Indigenous communities, particularly young adults aged 16 to 24. The Foundation’s mission is to break the cycle of disadvantage, fostering stability, employability, and prosperity among Indigenous individuals.

Worldview Foundation’s innovative approach combines comprehensive support services with access to employment and training opportunities, both within the organisation’s social enterprise and through external partnerships. Through these efforts, Worldview Foundation actively works to uplift Indigenous youth and pave the way for a brighter future.

In addition to his work with Worldview Foundation, Kurt is also the co-founder of WV Technologies, a nationally recognised social enterprise specialising in IT disposals and e-waste recycling. The organisation recently earned the prestigious Supply Nation’s Registered Supplier of the Year Award 2023. WV Technologies is dedicated to reducing e-waste, greenhouse gas emissions and enhancing cybersecurity while providing valuable employment and training opportunities to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals.

Kurt’s extensive community involvement extends to his previous roles as the Chairperson of No Slavery Australia and Deputy Chairperson of the Victims of Crime Assistance League. With a heritage rooted in Anwan ancestry, 44-year-old Kurt serves as a beacon of inspiration, galvanizing those around him to effect positive change in their communities.

Among the 133 individuals recognized across all states and territories, Kurt is a distinguished nominee for the Australian Capital Territory Awards. The ACT award recipients were announced on Monday, October 30th, during a ceremony at the National Gallery of Australia.

Mark Fraser, Chief Executive of the National Australia Day Council, extended his heartfelt congratulations to all ACT nominees for their outstanding contributions, emphasising that they exemplify the values of the Australian of the Year Awards. Their diverse efforts highlight the shared responsibility of all Australians to contribute to the nation’s betterment and collectively shape the national narrative.

Worldview extends its warmest congratulations to Joanne Farrell, founder of Build Like a Girl, who was named ACT’s Australian of the Year for 2024.