• Achieving Potential 
    Once Thought Impossible

    Worldview Foundation delivers holistic life management programs

    and provides employment opportunities for disadvantaged

    people through its group of social enterprises.

  • Reversing Disadvantage and Achieving Individual Potential

    Worldview Foundation delivers holistic life management programs

    and provides employment opportunities for disadvantaged

    people through its group of social enterprises.


What We Do

Our purpose is to positively impact society and the planet by helping each other to reach our full

potential. We work with people from a disadvantaged background, with a focus on Aboriginal and

Torres Strait Islander disadvantage, including those who have been in contact with the justice


Our programs overcome multilayered disadvantage through a holistic and integrated

approach and help individuals achieve success on their terms. 

We help each other achieve a balanced and meaningful life through:

  • Accommodation and assistance to transition into private housing
  • Personal success and mindset coaching, life planning and goal attainment
  • Facilitated and supported educational and training outcomes
  • Medical checks, daily exercise and bootcamps, nutrition and cooking classes
  • Fostering social connection with family, friends and the wider community
  • Connection to culture and the environment
  • Employment via our social enterprises and supported placements with external employers


Our holistic programs improve the lives of those we work while at the same time work to break

the intergenerational cycles of disadvantage by positively impacting families and the community.


Worldview Overview Video

This video explains what Worldview Foundation does and how it's social enterprises provide employment

outcomes for participants in the Worldview program 

Our Social Enterprises

Our Subsidiary social enterprises and provide a supported and flexible working environment

and career opportunities for participants going through the Worldview holistic programs.Their

success creates more employment opportunity and profits are used to provide the holistic

support required.

WV Technologies - IT LifeCycle Services

IT installation, decommissioning and 

eWaste recycling services. 

Servicing Corporate & Government clients nationally.

Every 80 assets processed

Provides employment for one of our participants

Some of Our Key Targets

For the people we work with...

At-Risk Youth


Keeping young people on the right path and save the community


Increase employment


Measured by annual

wages over 1, 2 and 5


Improve Wellbeing


of the people we

work with

And their families...

Improve school attendance


And see our youth


Improve Wellbeing


Through positive

parental influence



                                                            a philosophy of life or conception of the world

We believe that by understanding, respecting and integrating multiple Worldviews we make

better decisions and have greater success in creating sustainable solutions and outcomes.

In today's society, there is a tendency to only understand and live by one particular Worldview, often

resulting in other conceptions of the world being disregarded or marginalised. However by integrating

multiple Worldviews we build stronger bridges and create a  more holistic approach to life.

For example, the standard definition of health in Western medicine is defined as "the state of being free

from illness or injury" which is very focused on the individual. 

Contrast this with Aboriginal health, which has been defined by some as meaning "not just the physical

well-being of an individual but refers to the social, emotional and cultural well-being of the whole Community

in which each individual is able to achieve their full potential as a human being thereby bringing about the

total well-being of their Community."

We seek to embrace a wide range of worldviews and beliefs which benefits people, the community and

the planet. Because of this, we draw heavily from every area of society, particularly from Elders and

experts in the Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander community, in designing and implementing ways to help

each other reach our full potential.

Get Involved

You can contribute in the following ways

Join Us!

We are looking for talented and

committed colleagues and volunteers

to positively impact the lives of

others and the community

Engage our social Enterprises

By working with our social

enterprises you are providing jobs for

those who need it and generating profits

which help fund new participants


Contribute to reversing disadvantage

and helping individuals and

their families achieve their potential. We

are a registered charity with DGR and

PBI status


Ciaran Keating

Program Coordinator &
Employment Manager

Phil James

Program Coordinator &
Senior Mentor

Annabelle Fisher

Office and
Business Manager

Gerrit Wanganeen

Chairperson &
Founding Member

Jamie Miller

Executive Director & 

Founding Member

Kurt Gruber

Executive Director &

Founding Member

Carol Vale

Non-Executive Director

Jason Chuang

Non-Executive Director

Kathy Ryan

Accountant and
Finance Manager

We have recently recruited additional talent... watch this space 

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